Stories related to death


Weeds lick at the roadside cross, savoring the dereliction. Cars hurtle past. A lonely soul yearns for a ride home.

‘Til Death

“Trust this only,” she growled in my ear. “I’ll come back for you.” I shuddered as I pulled the knife from her spine and let her drop.

In Memory

He kept climbing as I yelled “no!” Now, in place of the tree, the roses my parents planted in memory, where I prick my finger and say “no.”

Same Last Breath

Hospital hallway prayers unanswered, she lost her mom and her faith in the same last breath.

Ever Unsent

Greeting cards. I left with half a dozen I’d send you one day or another. I remember you when I look at them, still unsent. And you, gone.

Class Trip

The river surges, gulps down the sinking ferry. Ann’s students claw at her. She drowns in their terror before being swallowed by the sea.