Stories related to death

Wrong Guy

The lifeless face differed from the blurry pics I’d seen. I figured whether the first payment was high enough to leave the country.


Yes, the beauty queen’s sash stretched from right shoulder to left hip. And, yes, it fit tightly. But, no, it didn’t work as a seat belt.


I hold her wrinkled, bloody picture in numb fingers. Shells burst in the sand about. Deep breath. I crawl for safety, leg dragging behind.

Deep Freeze

For a moment he is startled. Deception lies in the mind, not the eyes, he decides, meeting the grey glazed glance of the mackerel.


Ship-wrecked, starving, desperate. He steals the last water-bottle and runs. Six miles later, he chokes on salt-water. Beaten to the punch.

Her Father, Her Hero

The undead in hell served for eternity. Yet, her father had escaped – a hero. Truth dawned when they came to take her and cut off her limbs.