Stories related to crime

Visiting Hours

She could see the pain in his eyes. It was her fault he was in here. There would always be more than bullet proof glass between them.

Wedding Day

No one thought twice about them holding hands through the ceremony. And they never saw when she removed the handcuffs before the reception.

Blood is Thicker

I don’t care what the papers say. I don’t care if he did it ten times over. He’s the only dad I have.

The Dark Side

Butchered by a drunk, two teenage ghosts are seen trying to thumb a ride home. Mom sits by the window and waits. The milk has spoiled!

The World Just Isn’t Enough

“Finally, the world is mine,” the evil genius laughed maniacally. After the initial euphoria died, he sighed and sat down. “Now what?”


It was cold and the sky was black as Mary watched them nail her son to the cross. She wondered if anybody would ever remember this day.