Stories related to crime

True Grit

He had to be precise, yet his hand trembled and the candies came tumbling down. He stormed out of the store cursing his conscience again.

Isaiah 45:7

Ann became devout the day her husband died because the night before she had held his photo and sobbed and prayed — that God would destroy him.

Caveat Mafioso

“Take her out!” Jules was told. So he did. It was a nice clean shot too. But then his boss phoned to ask if his wife was having a good time.

Never Again

“I can’t do this,” Martha wiped away her tears. “I won’t cry for you, anymore.” She rolled his body into the river. “Never again.”

Difficult to Wipe Away

When we were finished, she tossed a handful of tissues toward me. But it was difficult to wipe away, the ink from her fingerprint kit.

On Bended Knees

“He was a saint, an inspiration! Father Joe will be missed.” We lied through counterfeit smiles and timorous skin for the entire funeral.