Stories related to children

Young Love

He was madly in love. This was definitely the girl he was going to marry. He might only be 4 years old but he knew what he wanted.

How he became a writer

He makes his choice at nine years old. His teacher explains how to solve for X. He puts his head on his desk and dissolves into fiction.

For the Love of a Child

He had only one kidney left when his daughter needed a transplant. He shot himself at the hospital, a note in his hand read, “Take it now!”


After the sixth diaper change, Jane threw her hands in the air. “I give up! You’re too hard to care for.” The doll fell on its side. “Mama!”

First Time in the Light

Squeezed down the dark slippery passage, ears tight against my head, I arrived blinded between maternal legs on the delivery bed. 6th Jan 1955

Concrete Steps

You scream and kick your tiny, filthy feet. “I love you,” I whisper as I lay you down on concrete steps. You will drink warm milk tonight.