Stories related to children

Shepherd Mix

His heart sank when that damn kid answered the door. Clearing his throat, he cradled the limp rabbit and fumbled for a five from his wallet.

Huevos Verdes con Jamón

Mai Más always liked enchiladas verdes con papas fritas. Not anymore. After meeting Sam I Am, all she wants now is huevos verdes con jamón!

Musical Candy Cart

Fangirls to fuzzies, they all fly fast for ice cream drips and chocolate nibs raining from a bright red cart driving heedlessly present.

My Little Truffala Tree Sister

My little sister played in woolly socks, her fuzzy bathrobe. She was a Truffala tree. I was pleased she’d chosen this over being a princess.

Special Day

It must be a special day, he thought. It was so rare now to see his parents in the same room. “We have something to tell you,” Dad said.

Pancakes, with love

She awoke to syrup on her arm and a plate held by little sticky fingers. “Happy Valentine’s Day, mommy.” A bite was missing from the heart.