Stories related to children

The Aftermath

Jack wore a neck brace; Jill had an arm cast. He had let them use the well as a favor. Now they were suing him. Nice.

Pablo’s Shoes

Pablo lost his only pair of shoes in a fight. His mother would never understand. He limped home, looking for flowers along the way.

Sky of Wonder

Dad yelled to come look at the man on the moon. Left my Beatles album, gave a nod at the TV, & sneaked back to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

The First Response

Before leaving for work, he caresses his newborn who suddenly holds his finger in a tiny hand. He’s touched & helpless. Meeting is postponed.

Bookworm Becomes “Ringworm”

Stumble out at 6 AM to find my young son reading Lord of the Rings. Our bright child understands Tolkien’s text. I exclaim, “My precocious!”


“How come you wear the same clothes every day?” the pigtailed girl asked. Chuck turned crimson, and silently wished for school uniforms.