Stories related to children

At the Playground

Father watches daughter run, jump, swing, laugh, spin, dance, climb. Tell her now? No. He treasures her last minutes of innocent bliss.

Mommy And Santa

I saw Mommy kiss Santa. He grabbed his pants and ran when Dad got home. I’ll bet I get lots of toys because Santa likes Mommy’s cookies.


9/26/2012, 11:23 AM: Her only destiny is to leave the womb. 9/26/2012, 11:24 AM: Her destiny bifurcates into an infinite garden of potential.

At Her Baby Shower

Shrill aunts doting, impersonal gifts, competitive quilts, insincere delight, ridiculous games, stale cake, punch: everything I can’t have.


They said Larry was a “funny uncle.” I didn’t understand. One night he slipped into my room. What he did wasn’t funny. Not funny at all.

Mom’s Shampoo

Mom white, me not so much. I’ve got Mom’s hair when wet, Dad’s when its dry. Mom used her shampoo on my hair. Bad idea. Strands now at war.