Stories related to childhood

Quality Time

He wasn’t supposed to take a five year old to the bar. “Damned cute!” Coins dropped to the floor for me to grab. I tattled when we got home.

Daddy’s Lie Was Better

As a child, my Daddy told me the brightly lit hillside was an ancient Indian burial ground. When I grew up, I found out it was a ski slope.


“I found this box in your closet. Personal?” Amy asked. Mom smiled and said, “Your first tooth, your first scribble and a leaf you picked.”

Uncle Bo Blames The Girl

She’s gone bad. Little liar. Got a spoiled milk mind. Smell the sour? You better throw her out before she makes them other kids sick.


“How come you wear the same clothes every day?” the pigtailed girl asked. Chuck turned crimson, and silently wished for school uniforms.

The Kiss

If one of them had been a frog the consequences might have been huge. But they were just teenagers who didn’t know how to kiss. Yet.