Stories related to childhood

A Mother’s Words Are Lasting Scars

“He’s my boyfriend,” I said, smile lingering. She raised an eyebrow, skeptical. “Does he know?”

Fancy Dress

Hostile chuckles greet his mother’s black dress and heels. He squawks: “Stop laughing or I’ll turn you all into toads!”

Mixed Girl Plays the Blues

The piano was solace for her pain. She was too dark to pass, suspect to those she wanted to fool. Finale. She stood to applause, and wept.

Our Father

“He doesn’t mean it,” she says, pushing the bottle to her lips. “He really does love us.” I push the ice pack against my swollen eyes.

First Day at School

It rained so hard that I was two hours late picking her up. I found her sitting alone on the school steps, in a puddle of her own making.

Let it Loose

It was like an escaping prisoner. Some said heat, others said chemicals. But she alone knew that this growth of hair could not be tamed.