Stories related to childhood

The Inevitable

Yu dangles the worm near her lips, tongues the air. The other kids dare her to eat it. She does. One day soon, the worms will get to eat Yu.

Brotherly Love

The monster oozes from the closet, slinks past Tim’s bed to Jon’s. It pulses wetly. Jon sobs, “No, Timmy!” It writhes, slurps. Tim smiles.


Mom drove me to school day after day, her eyes red and swollen. Today, I saw red lips instead of red eyes, and a smile. A harbinger of hope!

The Sins of the Father

Alcohol bottles on the floor. Father mumbles incoherently. I storm out crying. The liquor store is close. It tastes good, warm with hope.

First and Last Stop

She’s on the school bus. She crouches low in back. The driver doesn’t see her. She’ll stay here all night. It’s warmer than at home.

On Bended Knees

“He was a saint, an inspiration! Father Joe will be missed.” We lied through counterfeit smiles and timorous skin for the entire funeral.