Stories related to autumnal equinox

Perfect Symmetry

Frank’s time came at autumnal equinox. Awoken at sunrise by the hand of a beautiful woman; killed at sunset by the hand of his wife.

A Marriage

She had said ‘I do’ in a swirl of cherry blossom. She signed the divorce papers in a storm of autumn leaves.

Reddening Sun

A druid led his son into a henge. ‘Days shorten. The sun is ailing,’ he said. ‘Can we heal it?’ asked the boy. The druid raised a knife.

First Fall

I tiptoed to the crib and whispered in baby Joey’s ear. “Can you feel it? Fall’s here and I can’t wait to jump in the leaves with you.”

Welcome to Autumnal Equinox Week

The editor raises the flame. Contributors step into the circle. The chant begins. Five contributors lower their hoods, five stories to come.

Things That Go Never Come Back

And he ran. He ran for the leaf in a sea of leaves, afraid he would miss one, afraid he would miss that one.