Stories related to animals

Beating the Odds

50 chicken eggs incubated. 48 chipped. 4 blonde, 10 brunette chicks hatched. 6 died first, then 6 more. 2 beat the odds. Named: Vim & Vigor.

What about me?

Max wakes in his yard. Looks, cries. Barks desperately. They’re home – almost. Across the street at the neighbor’s without him. Selfless love.


Sometimes I think of Laika all alone up there circling the earth. Was she afraid, I wonder. Or excited, thinking this is the best ride ever?

He Had Me at “Meow”

I was firm. “They’ll be no more pets!” Until that grey flash of fur streaked cross the floor, curled up in my lap and made a liar out of me.

Bird Song

Jim’s at it again; angry, swearing, ruffling feathers. I know it’s his tree, he tells us all every morning. Just wish, once, he was in tune.