Stories related to animals


The refrigerator was no barrier. He pawed underneath it until his claws were dull. Finally, that ancient popcorn kernel was his.

The Last One

“Once upon a time there used to be hundreds of these beasts,” said the guide. “This here’s the last one. Now, slowly… pull the trigger…”


Kitties are at the window watching the falling snow. “It’s like a sky full of laser pointers!” one whispers. The other is silent with awe.

Wood Ducks

Listening to nature sound. Waiting for the perfect quarry. My heart thumps; my fingers frozen. Here they come, too beautiful to shoot.

Cetacean Savior

The skiff, bobbing; the ocean, placid; the squall, sudden; the wave, monstrous; the water, frigid. The dolphin: a friendly deus ex machina.


Waiting at opposite ends of the tree, there’s no escape. Tireless chasing ends in stalemate; competitors waiting to determine the hierarchy.