Stories related to aging

Unforgettable Delores

For years, she had dreamed of a memorable spring break. The day she walked out in a bikini, it was indeed, memorable. She was sixty-seven.

Perfect Moment

“I want this perfect moment to last forever,” she’d said. But after a century together in the time bubble, he was beginning to annoy her.


“Go Niners! Joey, get me a beer!” Papa cheered. The old man forgot his pills again. Joe nodded and turned on the 1981 game for Papa on DVD.

Rite of Passage

A shot rang out in the forest. Birds scattered from the trees like a cloud of noisy ashes. The deer fell bleeding, and the boy became a man.

Birthday Wish

Gathering around the cake to blow off the twenty-six candles, we try to feel his presence by standing close to his empty seat.

Drink Problem

Max drained the day’s second bottle of Cabernet into his glass. He tried to ignore the nagging thought he was turning into his own father.