Stories related to aging

First Kiss

As our lips joined, I touched the tip of his tongue with mine. He panicked and hurried back to his car. I jingled his car keys in the air.


The nerd had watched the whole thing! She pulled off the noose and kicked the broken branch. The nerd was touching her, helping her up! Eew!

The Cut

Her hopes held in a letter. Was it salvation or destruction? She slit it open and read ‘Thank-you but’. This small word caused so much pain.

Too Late

This morning my face in the mirror does not look like me. It is too young and too happy. “Are you leaving?” she says. I never was here.


The rest home was like grade school: Needed permission for the bathroom, to stay up, to eat what she wanted. Thus, Pearl threw a tantrum.

Waiting to Exhale

Karen felt sucked into the tornado of her own To-Do list and knew she would be happy when she got to the end of it. But at 85, she was not.