Stories related to aging

This Be The Verb

She watches a hummingbird skirr from sagebrush to nectar spout, its wings a frenetic blur, like her thirties, forties, fifties.

2nd Derangement

Grandpa’s descent was complete. He cowered, in a smock, snagging forks and grasping straws, yawping eternally, “Dey heah to take mah guns!”

Don’t Touch the Floor

“The floor is lava!” the boys cheer, leaping on couches. A single smirk; a spell softly spoken. Child-bearing chairs ooze into the eruption.

Mourning News

The boy’s on my porch. Come to rob me, I know. I’m old, alone. The gun bucks in my hand. Blood spatters the newspapers in his fallen bag.

The Stagnant

James gazed at the portrait with a paradox of awe and disgust. It was her exactly, years ago, when she was new and not now. He walked away.


She was gorgeous and philosophical, but we could never be together. She imagined her life in an apartment. I imagined my life in a backpack.