Stories related to affairs


We could’ve had our mini adventures complete with synchronized dance sequences on green expanses. But he hates Bollywood. And happy endings.

The Biggest Loser

4 pounds in 5 days. She’d only just started with her trainer! She would reach her goal this time. And he would eat his heart out.


She visited his hidden grave every year at this time to lay flowers. Always cautious that no one followed, as officially he’s only missing.

Spared Me Once

A box of old letters would explain. I knew we hadn’t split up because of me, but reading told me otherwise. Memory could only spare me once.

Ferris Wheel at Night

The door clicks. Our sweaty hands entwine. The cabin rocks and climbs higher. Lights blink to rock and roll. You whisper. What did you say?

Old Friends

She sent him yet another off-the-cuff but needy text. He answered with his charming sarcasm. Nothing beats the comfort of history & rapport.