Stories related to affairs


He swore he wanted her to go, and that gave her strength, and so she hated him for walking beside her window right to the end of the platform.

The Stagnant

James gazed at the portrait with a paradox of awe and disgust. It was her exactly, years ago, when she was new and not now. He walked away.

Break Up

Sometimes, while you sleep, I turn away and face the empty wall. I’ve thought about putting up a poster, but I don’t really plan on staying much longer anyway.


She was gorgeous and philosophical, but we could never be together. She imagined her life in an apartment. I imagined my life in a backpack.

Mommy And Santa

I saw Mommy kiss Santa. He grabbed his pants and ran when Dad got home. I’ll bet I get lots of toys because Santa likes Mommy’s cookies.

Silent Witness

He gazed at his wife’s face, at the gentle curve of her body under the sheets. His silent tear fell on her as she lay in another man’s bed.