Stories related to adulthood

Talking to myself

Approaching the sad girl on the playground, I looked at me. “Every year is better than the last.” And then I returned to the time machine.


Hot damn! A mail-order bride! Harris placed his order. She arrived a fortnight later, but it didn’t work out. They’d forgotten air-holes.


“…enchanted castles, flying faeries & knights in shining armor.” Mother closed the book. “But take all of that with a grain of salt.”

A Week in Miami

Sue went to the Chlamydia Basic Science talk to present on CD8 Effectors T cells, so she was justifiably confused to come home with herpes.


The rope marks on her skin were like smoke, barely seen across the breakfast table. His breath quickened with the memory of her submission.

He Thinks/She Thinks

Her black bra left on the doorknob made him realize he needed her. She was pissed she had to hike home with nothing to hold them in place.