A story from Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Fat

The first day of junior year, she was back to a size 4. They thought she’d been dieting over the summer, but all she’d lost was 8 lbs, 6 oz.

7 Critiques to "Baby Fat"

  1. The following was written by Amy Tripp on September 6, 2011

    Oh. Ouch! Hard to keep that secret in this digital age.

    I remember my brother’s high school class (he was a year ahead of me… oh… more than 20 years ago) – every page of senior photos in the yearbook had at least one girl who was either pregnant or already had a baby. My class, there was one total. It’s odd how it seems to go in cycles.

  2. The following was written by Gayle Beveridge on September 6, 2011

    Thanks for the surprise ending, I didn’t see it coming and that’s how it’s meant to be. Well done.

  3. The following was written by Spencer Black on September 6, 2011

    Had an a-ha! moment after reading it twice. Very clever. :)

  4. The following was written by Maya on September 7, 2011

    nicely done. the title is great too. Nice play on words and great punch line.

  5. The following was written by Tim Sevenhuysen on September 11, 2011

    Always a potent topic… Not sure if everyone interprets it the same way I do, but I read it as the girl having had to give up the baby, which adds a whole new layer of emotion.

  6. The following was written by Von on September 17, 2011

    I had to read the ending twice before I got it. (I’m a little slow. :) ) LOVED it. Excellent story!!

  7. The following was written by Jonathan on September 26, 2011

    Great story. It had me thinking for days afterward.